Team Ethereum is going to the 2020 start sharding


The developers of Ethereum, including acne Buterin and Justin Drake in interviews to TechCrunch shared his vision of the future solutions for scalability of Ethereum.

Baleriny it was noted that charges for transactions in Ethereum are governed by the growth of supply and demand, as many users performs daily transactions that need to process the block chain. The Ethereum blockchain is quite popular, as many projects are actively using it, so there is stiff competition for a place transactions in blocks, the growth of network traffic.

Buterin recognized that if it were possible to start the project again, the first priority would be finding solutions to resolve scaling issues. But at the moment when block network Ethereum has reached the level of the major platforms that are actively used in cryptosuite, the solution scale is “fundamentally complex”.

Priorities for the development of Ethereum

As the two priorities of the Ethereum team, Justin Drake said Protocol Casper, to change the consensus evidence from PoW to PoS, and the decision for scaling – sharding, which gives the blockchain able to smoothly execute large volumes of transactions. If creating informed decisions to improve the network, the developers were not going to implement sharding and Casper together, we now intend to combine them into one structure.

The developers say that a future update Ethereum 2.0 is a very ambitious project, the implementation of which will take several years. The process is divided into two stages. In 2019 will be launched by Casper, and then the system will implement and sharding.

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