Team McAfee launches two new web site


John McAfee calls himself a crypto-Crusader, ready to fight for the rights of every crypto trader to the last breath. He has repeatedly criticized the SEC for its attempts to stop the expansion of the adoption of cryptocurrencies and has even filed a lawsuit against the exchange HitBTC, accusing it of fraudulent overstatement of commissions for transactions token Docademic (MTC).

Amid all these events, the team McAfee announced the launch of two platforms: and and its features

On the website resource the data presented 24-hour trading indicators for all major cryptocurrency and token kaptarenko. In the current list presented 948 scriptactive and data market capitalization kryptomere real-time daily indices trading in Bitcoins.

According to the team was founded with the aim to create the perfect universal information database relating to the important things in the cryptocurrency industry and technology of the blockchain.

Today, there are several popular websites that offer excellent information on the tracking of prices. According to the team McAfee Market Cap, they intend to improve existing concepts and to bring something unique and most valuable for the compilation of the data table, entering additional functions.

Also on the resource they intend to expand the list of tokens to represent indexes and online social network for community of traders, investors and enthusiasts of the blockchain.

The team also launched McAfee web site McAfee Crypto Team, which offers support for ICO projects in various stages of development. Their experts plan to provide for ICO next services:

  1. Strategic analyses at various stages of the preparation process of the ICO;
  2. Support of technical documentation – preparation of key documents to improve the understanding of the basic project objectives;
  3. Web optimization for ease of use and aesthetic design of web sites;
  4. Audit of all project partners on key elements such as mutual trust, the viability of developments and experience in cryptosphere;
  5. Access to network resources and industrial relations McAfee;
  6. Engaging target audiences through social networks and various multimedia services.

These two web site and the security of the McAfee team are a welcome addition to the development of kryptonsite.

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