Technical failure BitPay second day leaves customers without service


BitPay, closing yesterday customer service for reasons unknown, not recovered, which has caused many not only disappointing, but also irritating.

The payment processing service for BTC today is exposed to many criticism from users, because those who had the intention to make a payment or receive a salary from the company went unanswered after numerous attempts to contact customer support Bitpay.

Hello, our wallet development team is working on fixing an issue which is affecting outgoing transactions from our wallet. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we will send an update as soon as this is resolved. Thank you for your patience!

— Support BitPay (@BitPaySupport) June 5, 2019

Unlike the Bitcoin which is decentralized cryptocurrency services such as BitPay, are centralized, which deprives users of the ability to securely send Bitcoin transactions.

The danger of using centralized processors

Any centralized service can be quite unreliable and even to veto any transaction, if you wish. This again emphasizes the danger of using centralized processors to process transactions, albeit decentralized currencies.

Now many payment processor are set with the question: do companies like Bitpay, suitable for bitcoin payments?

Currently, users are forced to resort to the services of companies like BitPay, due to the lack of public acceptance of Bitcoins, but they will remain in demand as long as crypto-currencies show higher volatility, as it was this year. Users hope because Bitcoin has the potential to become a more reliable means of payment would be introduced other ways of transferring funds that is less prone to failure.

At the present time, unfortunately, for users of Bitcoin, there is no other possibility to carry out transactions and conduct secure payments.

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