Testing blockchain technology has increased the efficiency of the supply chain PepsiCo with 28%


The project entitled “Proton Project”, to test the use of the blockchain to improve the supply chain for PepsiCo was aimed to find out whether the application of innovative technology to solve the “industry problem”.

Partner PepsiCo’s advertising projects, media Agency Mindshare announced on Monday, saying that they helped to conduct the trials, which studied the possibility of software comprehensive coordination of the supply chain using a blockchain platform Zilliqa. The study compared a standard budget test to know the effectiveness of the technology.

As pointed out by the representatives of Mindshare, smart contracts Zilliqa continued to be used for the automation of the supply chain, explaining:

“These smart contracts allow you to agree on indicators received from multiple data sources, with payments that are made using internal token Native Alliance (NAT) in almost real time, which leads to a significant increase of efficiency and full transparency for the owners of the brand”.

The efficiency of the blockchain to increase efficiency

The results showed that the efficiency increases “from the point of view of the costs of campaigning for smart contracts.”

Other partners in the project were the company’s online advertising Rubicon, the company’s marketing software technologies MediaMath and media company Integral Ad Science. Testing was conducted in the month of March in the Asia-Pacific region. Now the partners are now planning to launch the second phase of testing with the addition of payments, and to determine the level of performance indicators.

Farida Shakhshir, Director of PepsiCo’s collaboration with regional consumers in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, said:

“The results are encouraging, and the company plans to conduct several phases of testing in different conditions, to test hypotheses and measure the level of overall effectiveness”.

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