Tether (USDT) has attracted a lot of attention to the background of active sales Kraken


After the news about the trouble with Noble Bank, the views of the crypto community once again focused on the Tether due to sales activity on the crypto currency exchange Kraken.

Tether (USDT) digital asset today marked a major sale for sale bash on Kraken, reaching in a certain period of depression even the price of $0,95. This event added to concerns about Tether especially after there were allegations that the Noble Bank major problems, and it is for sale.

These rumors once again raised doubts about the dollar support tokens Tether, as for many it remains a mystery in which banks funds are kept Tether and Bitfinex.

Movement USDT also puzzled cryptologist, because today, October 3 at Bitfinex also noted a significant influx USDT and if Bitfinex lagged behind in trade turnover, over the last few days it has grown to nearly $176.5 million

Trade USDT intensified on almost all exchanges

Concentration USDT on Bitfinex sparked rumors about the possible speculation and another attempt to raise the price of Bitcoin. Moreover, the trading platform of the fiat-off-ramp for BTC like Coinbase and Kraken, in recent times also intensified their activities. In addition, a large list of sales show Huobi, Bittrex and Binance.

The problem with Tether arose at a time when the price of BTC is at a crossroads, when some predict a strong rally by year-end, while others fear that in the fall the price will fall to $1000. As the pair USDT/BTC accounts for about 55% of the trading volumes, a consistent increase in activity can raise the price of BTC.

The influx of Tether on the stock exchange can also mean an attempt to move to another digital asset, possibly BTC. There are also competing stable tokens that may attempt to create competition Tether, but with an offer of about 3 billion tokens Tether it will be somewhat problematic.

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