The art firm Meural uses CryptoKitties to discover visitors with blockchain technologies


From 1 September in the Center for art and media in Germany will welcome a new exhibition of art of the company Meural in partnership with CryptoKitties, titled “using the blockchain in life.” According to its organizers, the educational exhibition will provide viewers an interesting and informative look at the blockchain technology.

The German Museum decided to hold an exhibition dedicated to digital technologies and art, and its leadership decided that CryptoKitties can help visitors better understand the blockchain, since the project has proved effective in raising awareness of citizens in relation to block networks and cryptocurrencies.

CryptoKitties, as an example of the successful use of a blockchain

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the project CryptoKitties took the world by storm in November 2017 and has been recognized as one of “the first successful uses of the blockchain outside of cryptocurrency”. Charming collector’s seals have become so popular that at one period took up to 30% of the trading volume in Ethereum. Some of the most popular cats in the game have been sold for more than $200 000.

In the new project “the World as a field of digital data”, Center for art and media in Germany will conduct a series of discussions and seminars devoted to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. It is expected that the exhibition “Discover the Blockchain through life CryptoKitties” will be one of the main events related to the involvement of the young people.

“Good aesthetic design CryptoKitties will open up the potential of blockchain technology to a completely new audience. Our exhibition in Germany to continue our mission to promote blockchain technology to various people, whether creators, consumers, artists, or their fans, could be part of the future of technology,” said co-founder CryptoKitties and CEO Roham Gharegozlou.

CryptoKitties – discoverer collectible games

An increasing number of media and professional sports organizations involved in the cryptocurrency and block the network through the development of a virtual collectible games, modeled CryptoKitties. Last month major League baseball announced that it will collaborate with startup Lucch Sight of Los Angeles, in the creation of the collectible game for MLB on the Ethereum blockchain. The new game is part of a larger strategy for MLB to attract young people to the dying business. But yet to surpass the results CryptoKitties could not be anyone. The project, at this stage, also notes the sharp decline of user interest in the game.

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