The ascent of Bitcoin has caused a massive increase BCH, ADA, LTC, EOS in two-digit measurement


Bitcoin finally broke previously seemed unattainable price level of $7000, lifting him from the abyss of fall and reached a nine-month high. As one would expect, since the leading cryptocurrency has 59% dominance and growth continues, the surrounding oldoini also showed a lot of excitement.

Among the growth leaders were longtime rivals among altcoins, often changing places in the rankings in recent months: Bitcoin to Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and EOS (EOS), which have demonstrated double-digit percentages. But they are not too far behind Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB).

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash in just a few days after the previous takeoff, showed another huge increase of more than 20% for 24 hours, and now the price is $350. The coin, whose November hardwork 2018 provoked kryptonia, up from $280 to $375 and dropped to $350.

LBank ranks first in terms of trade BCH, holding to 8.14% of the world total in a pair of BCH/USDT.


Cardano is located on the second dream largest growth, with an increase of 18.6% in value. In the latest rise in the price of ADA rose from $0,059 $ to $0.078 dollar and fell to $0,073 dollar, bounced back, as the support level and is now trading at $0.075 USD.

The crypto currency exchange ZBG account of 21.12% of the world total ADA trading pair, ADA/USDT.


Coin EOS rose 14% against the dollar, trading at$ 5,4. Over the past two days the price of the coin has increased from $4.73 to $5,76, then down to $5.4.

DigiFinex ranked first in sales volume EOS, providing 7,98% of the world total paired EOS/USDT.


Litecoin comes on the heels of the EOS, in the growth of prices, and even promoted her on the stairs rating coins. Digital silver rose by 13.6% and is currently trading at $87. Bullish trend picked the coin up to $93,17 then it dropped to $86.

Exchange Coineal ranked first in terms of trade LTC hold of 12.66% of the total volume in the pair LTC/BTC.

Also, a significant increase was shown Ethereum, which has grown by 10.79%, Binance Coin, gained 7.18 percent and Stellar Lumens, an increase of 9.28%.

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