The attack 51% stolen AurumCoin $11 000


The project team AurumCoin stated that their gold is protected cryptocurrency was stolen in the attack and 51% from a digital wallet cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. Just was abducted 15752 AU $11 332.

In the published team AurumCoin the message on the website, the project is fully blames the incident on a stock exchange:

“Crypto currency exchange Cryptopia has been hacked the result is 51% attack and a total of 15 752AU stolen from the wallet of the exchange. Aurum coin platform and its network are not responsible for the theft, because it is the same network as Bitcoin, open source. Worse, Cryptopia denies any wrongdoing and is not a way to solve the problem,” — said in a statement.

Who is to blame, unless one of the parties not guilty?

In the report Finder indicates that the cryptocurrency AurumCoin is vulnerable to such attacks because it uses the SHA-256 algorithm, which is known to be easy to crack.

On the other hand, Cryptopia had to make sure that AurumCoin and its users use security protocols to protect against such situations. In addition, their strategy of listing quite loyal and it is obvious that poorly protected cryptocurrency such as AurumCoin, can be attacked through the network, causing the crypto currency exchange will be compromised.

Safety should be a top priority for crypto currency exchange and scriptactive as genuine victims of these attacks are the consumers that rely on reliable protection of their capital.

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