The Beijing office of the crypto currency exchange OKCoin was attacked by unknown


In the Central office of the crypto currency exchange OKCoin in Beijing, there was an unpleasant incident. Unknown people broke into the office, ransacked it, smashing furniture and technical equipment, while threatening the employees. The company’s activity was completely paralyzed, but none of the employees was seriously injured.

About the incident was immediately reported to the police, which is occupied now with poll of witnesses and search for the attackers. The incident occurred at about 14.00, in this case the attackers broke doors and damaged the Elevator.

Versions of the reasons of the attack

It should be noted that before the attack the stock exchange has repeatedly received numerous complaints from its customers, working with futures. Users constantly complained of compulsory liquidation orders and many other aspects in which result was lost money.

Some believe that the attack may be linked disgruntled investors of the project associated with the cryptocurrency WFEECoin who believe the founder of OKCoin star Xu implicated in the fraud. Previously, Xu has had to contact law enforcement bodies with the request to protect it from angry investors who believe him implicated in the case of WFEE.


The crypto currency exchange OKCoin of China even in 2016 has entered the top three world leaders of kryptonyte, with a monthly trading volume of over 16 million in BTC. However, due to the tightening of regulatory norms of the government of China, she developed great difficulties.

July OKCoin entered the American market, offering users the most popular to trade cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic against the USD.

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