The billionaire intends to buy 25% of the issued Bitcoins


Subsidiary of the company Dadiani Fine Art, working with investors in the sphere of art, the firm Dadiani Syndicate specializiruetsya in the investment market in the cryptocurrency. One of her clients requested to buy for him 25% of working offers Bitcoin that is 4 432 740 BTC, at current exchange rates (about $38.5 billion).

As head of the company Alice Dadiani, there are a number of organizations and individuals who want to dominate the market for cryptocurrency and one accredited investor was allegedly interested in “acquisition of 25% of all Bitcoins are currently available”.

Being the intermediary in such a transaction Dadiani Syndicate suggested that it is simply impossible to be “implemented” to which an unidentified investor directed “to scour the markets and to access the number of MTC, as close as possible to 25%”.

Currently, the firm took on the purchase of three very large volumes, and currently provides the fourth transaction.

The experts say that such a purchase could threaten the entire industry of crypto-currencies?

EToro senior analyst, Mati Greenspan, told Forbes about how this kit may affect the cryptocurrency market.

This kit is an anonymous client of the company Dadiani Syndicate, which now allows billionaires to not only invest in art, but in the cryptocurrency.

In his interview, Greenspan noted the possible implications of multi-million dollar BTC:

“The buyer of this size is going to raise the price to make this acquisition even more expensive, having a price pump for BTC, if he is able to monopolize the market. There are some ways to slow down such growth of prices based on demand, but after a certain level, no one will be able to influence the price to prevent it.”

In addition, Greenspan noted the low probability of purchase of this magnitude, saying that of the 21 million BTC that has ever existed or will exist, “many more will be produced for a long time and some are already lost forever.” There are also many owners of Bitcoins “do not want to part with them at any price”.

“Actually, at the moment, in fact, circulates less than 5 million coins” — he said. Therefore, it is difficult to assess the reality of such purchase.

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