The Bitcoin network is considered 4 major translation in the last 24 hours on $16 million


With the transfer of large Bitcoin transactions in a single day beginning of the week promises to be very interesting. Some of the transactions, according to observers, it seems, had been committed with wallets kryptomere.

The first transaction of Bitcoins in the amount of 721 BTC (worth $2 774 890) caused a chain reaction, which was followed by another large shipment in the amount of 1870 BTC ($7 006 194) a few hours later. Both data transfer left on the crypto currency exchange that always causes some excitement in cryptosuite, and the first arrived on Coinbase.

A third translation has occurred over the last few hours, in the amount of 1012 BTC ($3 272 998), which was executed with an unknown wallet on bitFlyer.

Fourth payment received BTC on BTC 869 ($3 272 998) in unknown Bitstamp wallet, causing much less panic.

Bitcoin whales use the moments of the collapse of prices

As recently reported, the whales seem to actively accumulate their stocks, obviously, using the price drop in Bitcoin.

100 major locations currently have from 10 000 to 1 million Bitcoins, that is the 16,18% of all BTC currently in circulation. In the period from 17 December 2018 and 25 February 2019 five largest wallets are owned by exchanges, has increased its reserves by 2879 BTC, about $10.8 million

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