The Cleveland Museum of science will accept BTC as payment


Science center Great lakes, located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, announced that they will now accept payment in Bitcoins as payment for entrance to their is the largest science Museum.

According to the announcement, visitors can pay an entrance fee for using the cryptocurrency via a mobile app in your phone. The Museum will begin accepting Bitcoins on Tuesday, November 13. The impetus for this decision the leadership of the Great lakes, was recently held in the city of Blockland Solutions, where cryptocurrencies were the main topic of discussion.

President and chief Executive officer of the scientific center of the Great lakes, Kirsten Ellenbogen noted that the desire of the Museum to new scientific discoveries, and promoting the innovation of technologies caused that the Museum has decided to accept the cryptocurrency as payment. Thus, the Museum will be able to implement scriptactive, at the same time thanks to its visitors, making them more known in the city.

Science center Great lakes is not the first school that opens its doors to the latest in cryptocurrency technology. This is the third Museum in the United States using Bitcoin for payment. The first two were the Museum of the Coastal Bend in Texas and the St. Petersburg historical Museum in Florida.

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