The company “Irkutskenergo” Oleg Deripaska offers miners the land on lease


The company “Irkutskenergo”, which is owned by prominent Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, has announced a tender for the provision of long-term lease of a land plot for construction of a mining farm.

In February, the representatives of En+ group has declared its readiness to implement a surplus production of electricity to companies engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies. The company has already connected to the negotiation process a number of investment funds interested in investment in the construction of the mining centers. Representatives of En+ rely on the fact that such a proposal will be of interest to Chinese mining companies, especially after the harassment and recent Chinese authorities mining industry.

Group En+ will allocate power to their energy capacity for mining

The winner of the competition will be available to rent a plot will be able to rent a plot area of 21 800 m2 in Irkutsk. The company undertakes the supply of power cables with a capacity of 14.8 MW to the border area, but further supply of network equipment, the lessee will be to perform independently.

The lease is granted for 5 years with the option to extend the contract. The starting price of the monthly rental cost is 277 000, with a preferential size 207 600 rubles in the first 5 months. Those wishing to participate in the competition have to offer a rent higher than the starting price of the lease. The winner will be the participant who offered the highest rent, the company says.

As representatives “Irkutskenergo”, the lowest rate for miners, which they can provide in 2018 will be of 2.16 rubles per kW/h.

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