The court rejected the petition of Craig Wright about the recognition of the claim of 1.1 million BTC unreasonable


In court documents in the case against Craig Wright, the judge said that most of his recent requests for the recognition of “unreasonable” claims of the heirs of David Kleiman, December 27, was rejected. Wright sued for 1.1 million BTC in the trial in Florida where he is accused of fraud and manipulation of the family of David Kleiman.

The trial against Craig Wright moving forward

In the case of 18-CV-80176, Claims against Wright, was in South Florida, Craig Wright charged that he allegedly seized by fraud baconesque assets David Kleiman after his death.

Kleiman died in 2013, not having a lot of money, after struggling with a bacterial infection. His brother Ira Kleiman argues that Wright has prepared a conspiracy to “take over Bitcoin Dave and his rights to certain intellectual property”, according to legal documents filed in February of last year. The family of Kleiman has filed a lawsuit against Wright with the requirement to pay approximately 1.1 million BTC ($3.9 billion) or the fair market value of the coin and moral compensation in connection with the theft of intellectual property.

The fraud and deceit of a family colleagues

Wright, is accused of defrauding the family of Kleiman and transfer Bitcoins of David in various international trusts. Despite the efforts of Craig Wright and his lawyers Rivero Mestre LLP, who tried to close the case at the beginning of this year, noting that Kleymenov no concrete evidence, and there are only “assumptions and contradictory statements on the basis of rumor.”, to close the case failed.

In its decision published on December 27, a judge of the district of Florida, Beth bloom, granted the petition of Wright’s rejection of the claims referred to in paragraphs III and IV, however, Wright will have to answer to paragraphs I, II, V-IX of the charges now changed to the claim, until January 10, 2019.

Wright also is accused of “multiple fraudulent misrepresentations presented to the family of Kleiman associated with the property of David on assets”. Judge bloom in his explanation noted that the circuit court of appeals has not decided as to whether Bitcoins are “money”, but stressed that the court takes very seriously the allegations provided to the victims.

Court documents claim that given I, II, V-IX points, which is still in force, Wright has not met its promises with respect to Kleiman, and so the “variance of insufficient reason the charges are not valid”.

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