The crypto currency exchange Binance marks the anniversary since the establishment of the project


In the last days Binance has greatly expanded their offers on the coins, regularly adding new tokens, the last of which was SiaCoin (SC).

A year ago, the crypto currency exchange Binance was still an unknown startup, you expect the ICO offering their own asset Binance Coin (BNB), which entered the market with a price below $1.

Today the concept of development of the project @binance entered the international market and is on track to global acceptance.

As I recall the team representatives:

“A year ago, around 11pm, we decided to make ICO and started to write a technical paper. What a year! Thank you for your support, past and future”!

Summing up

Now, a year later, when cryptocurrency has noted the huge rise of interest Binance is one of the leading hubs of modern Cryptoprotected. Recently, cryptome has expanded to more exotic coins and tokens, and listing on this prestigious platform is seen as a great start for recognition by the world kriptosmartfon, and the chance to gain higher sales for many promising coins.

We can say that Binance was behind the rise of the little-known token-TRON (TRX) and updating popularity Verge (XVG), as well as success tokens NANO (NANO) and Private (BTCP).

The latest addition to Binance became SiaCoin (SC), which is based on the construction of a network for distributed, decentralized data storage.

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