The crypto currency exchange Coinbase adds support for the EOS platform


The crypto currency exchange from the US Coinbase has announced the addition of cryptocurrency EOS (EOS) platform and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Additionally, it was noted that the operations with this cryptocurrency, such as buying, selling, exchanging, sending, receiving, and storage “will initially be available to residents of the United Kingdom and the state of new York.”

As noted by Coinbase, “EOS will be available for customers in a large number of jurisdictions, but at the initial stage it will not benefit the residents of the UK and new York. Additionally, data jurisdiction can be added later.”

The security update

Several hours later, Coinbase announced the launch support security keys Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) that will provide users with Coinbase and Coinbase Pro to have a great opportunity to increase protection of their accounts”. In his blog, Coinbase noted the successful use of IC U2F security, saying that these “tiny” hardware chips do the heavy lifting, ensuring that you are authenticating to the correct website and no one else, except the user will not be able to apply them.”

The team also announced Coinbase users to update the app to have in the future, successful access to trading operations as well as the input, conversion, output and storage of EOS, promising to regularly update messages about changes in the promotion on the EOS platform.”

EOS is launching at and in the iOS and Android apps within the next 15 minutes. You may need to update your app to properly buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store EOS. We will update when EOS is fully live.

— Coinbase (@coinbase) May 30, 2019

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