The crypto currency exchange Huobi has plans to expand in the middle East, Africa and South Asia


Co-founder of Huobi MENA, Mohit Davar said that Huobi Global plans to expand into the markets of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

“We are very pleased to bring services Huobi and ecosystem of digital currencies in the middle East, Africa and South Asia. Since Dubai is spearheading the implementation of the technology of the blockchain in the region, we needed to create its regional office,” said Davar, speaking at the conference World the Blockchain Summit.

He also noted that a Singapore crypto currency exchange created operational team in Dubai to cover the three regions for the replication of successful models of ecosystems. In total, its area will enter OTC trade currency, token and scriptactive, creating a blockchain-projects, development of community and educational center. OTC trade cryptocurrency pairs is already available in beta. The ultimate goal will be to provide safe and reliable services in the trade of digital assets to millions of regional users in the middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Search partnerships

Huobi MENA is in the process of establishing partnerships with regional players, and the first of them was AI Traders, the company to meet the challenges of digital asset management to artificial intelligence. The exchange says she is also discussing partnerships with other large regional representatives in the industry of the blockchain.

The world summit on the blockchain, which takes place in the towers Jumeirah Emirates Towers, has more than 1,000 participants.

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