The crypto currency exchange YoBit continues his experiments with pump


Russian cryptocurrency exchange YoBit continues to shock cryptologist, being lately under scrutiny for their actions that are in fact the scheme the pump and dump. At this time the exchange took over the pumping of the cryptocurrency ChatCoin.

Though this pump was not as effective as it was the first time with “PutinCoin”, which has a 24-hour trading volume jumped by 1400 percent, and the volume in BTC was 130. Have ChatCoin still a 24 hour trade volume amounted to about 99 BTC, it seems, is reaching its peak. To pump ChatCoin was almost 3% in the red, trading at $0,0128.

For the first time the exchange announced that the application of this scheme on 10 October, where he pointed out that choosing a random altcoin to invest in it pumping one Bitcoin. Last time the choice fell on PutinCoin. The next coin, to which was applied this scheme became Lambocoin, which has risen by 315%, but soon began to rapidly lose value.

The indignation of the crypto community

Despite the fact that they showed the stunt was successful only in the sense that the crypto currency exchange YoBit got a lot of free advertising, most users wonder how regulators allow to perform a crypto currency exchange that, in essence, is market manipulation and how it can influence future actions of those who are only engaged in the development of cryptocephalinae?

However, such entertainment of representatives of the crypto currency exchange, like a habit, and it remains to be seen which of the altcoins will be selected next time.

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