The Dash project is preparing to launch its investment Fund


The team of cryptocurrency Dash project announced that the establishment of its investment Fund called Dash Investment Foundation is nearing completion and claims that its main purpose is to strengthen the ecosystem of the distributed Ledger Dash (DLT), through investment transactions to be undertaken by the network.

The company Dash was listed as the founder of, check-in March 2019 the Cayman Islands Dash Investment Foundation investment Fund with limited liability without the owners and members, the purpose of which is to strengthen the network through self-sustaining investment operations.

According to the team, Dash Investment Foundation eliminates the large gap between the network and the inherited financial and legal systems of the project, seeking to open opportunities for partnerships between entrepreneurs and the project, and will be very useful for developers of blockchains that are interested in creating apps on the platform Dash.

The new Fund will also allow the Dash project to allocate funds to investments with a higher degree of risk, allowing owners of the most interesting ideas to present their proposals and to issue tokens or other assets in the “network financing”.

Management system Fund

To ensure the smooth operation of the financial investment system Dash, operators mastered will choose six observers, which will be responsible for overseeing the Fund.

Supervisors will be responsible for approving key organizational and operational decisions submitted by the Director of the Fund, while the Manager, investment Manager and Director, will be responsible for the daily activities.

According to team Dash, the number of managers of investment Fund Dash will include Glenn Kennedy Paradigm of Governance Partners and Casey MacDonald of Calderwood, two highly experienced expert on management. Also four observers will be chosen by the network Dash.

Elections to the Supervisory authorities begin may 23 and will last till 16 Jun 2019. Requirements to the participants and other details relating to the election, the project team promises to publish soon.

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