The decline of the stock market did not affect the daily influx of users on Coinbase


The last months in the cryptocurrency market saw significant price fluctuations, so many of the users have become more balanced approach to the issues of criptionveterinary. They do not tend to rush to invest in cryptocurrency in anticipation of immediate growth as the market shows a decline.

However, not all are pessimistic. Some remain confident that price growth will continue, although skeptics believe these hopes are unfounded optimism. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, is also confident of further price growth of the cryptocurrency.

The formation of the stock market occurs on the background of bubbles and corrections

Over a sufficiently long period of time, Coinbase was one of the leaders of the stock market with more than 25 million customers. Market correction and a decline in user activity increased pessimism, and some have started to predict close to sunset kryptomere.

However, Brian Armstrong has denied these forecasts in his speech at the Bloomberg technosummits Players:

“The new technology in its formation passes through a series of bubbles and corrections, the number of which has reached five, including the incredible rise of Bitcoin and subsequent fall to 60-70%. These events coincided with the growth of Coinbase. If you remember in 2012/2013, in the beginning, we had about 500 registrations of new customers per day. The “bubble” and the subsequent correction brought 5,000 customers a day. Now their population is more than 50 000″.

According to these figures, the number recorded per week users will be up to 350,000 people, and it is about 18,25 million per year. Is the number of users is an incredible success for any platform.

Binance has no shortage of customers

Bear market also has not had a significant impact on the increase in the number of users on Binance. At the request of its Director General, Chanpen Jiao, only for the past period of this year the number of users on the exchange increased from 2 to 10 million

According to the Director of Coinbase, the adoption of the cryptocurrency will grow every year. If the cryptocurrency market and technology of the blockchain will be able to fully realise its potential, it could change the lives of millions of consumers around the world. Therefore, he believes that skepticism here is unwarranted.

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