The departure of key staff Coinbase continues to hurt the exchange


The Efforts Of Coinbase. designed to prevent the leading managers of the platform to leave, apparently failed, and the next senior member of the exchange, Dan Romero, who served as Vice-President for international business, announced their plans of care.

Romero joined Coinbase in April 2014 and for five years worked in the position. He was responsible for the operation of the crypto currency exchange in the UK, Europe and the APAC region. Now in his blog on there was a message of resignation from his post at the end of the month.

This is not the first senior Executive who loses Coinbase, especially after there were allegations of insider trading in anticipation of the launch Bitcoin Cash. Although Romero did not explain the reason for his departure, he said:

“To stay true to his ideas, it is often necessary to take difficult and sometimes unpopular things. But I know firsthand that they are most often bring the biggest benefits.”

The outflow of senior managers is alarming community

Commenting on your experience with Coinbase, Romero said:

“I joined the project, when there were 20 people, now more than 700 people. I also had the opportunity to work in almost all aspects of business Coinbase. The company was focused on the mission of preparing long-term strategies.”

Coinbase is one of the most famous exchanges in Cryptoprotected. However, it was not enough to prevent departure of key employees, since, as at the end of last year, the exchange has raised $300 million investment, and its valuation has reached a huge $8 billion Earlier in March went to Christine Sandler, Director Coinbase on institutional sales to join the financial services provider, Fidelity Investment.

To Sandler two high-ranking leaders of Coinbase, Director of science and risk management and senior Manager for compliance, have also left their posts on the crypto currency exchange. Since October, more than nine managers managers left Coinbase, including two employees, Adam white and Michael Lempres working with the Foundation phase, which leads to certain reflections.

Coinbase has yet to release an official statement regarding the resignation of Romero. Any operations on a crypto currency exchange is performed smoothly and without interruption. A few days ago, Coinbase announced the release of cryptogamous card Coinbase Card in collaboration with the global payment giant VISA.

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