The developers have released a new IOTA IN


The developers of the project IOTA was finalized hub, new software, created to facilitate the work of kryptomere and various suppliers of digital services. This standards-based solution with open source code that facilitates the integration of IOTA on different platforms through the use of gRPC API available and proven environment.

Among the first kryptomere using new development to add a IOTA to your listing, became Upbit. According to preliminary data, listing of IOTA was planned at the weekend, but technical problems did not allow timely to add a new asset. However, as noted on the crypto currency exchange, addition will happen in the near future, but the exact timing was not specified.

The acceleration of the listing and other benefits

The authors expressed confidence that through the use of a Hub, for IOTA listing on the stock exchange will be just a few weeks instead of several months that were previously required to add the cryptocurrency.

Hub will also support the transaction signature from the outside, which will allow users to have a separate device to store tools, but without access to a common database. Near the hub has access to a shared database, but cannot access user resources. For communication uses a secure channel egRPC, increasing the degree of security and does not allow hackers to gain access control over users ‘ funds on the stock exchange breaking system.

Code Hub is planned in the next few days to publish on GitHub.

Amid news rate IOTA increased by 3.05% to $0,92.

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