The Ethereum network again seized by a mysterious marker WPKG


Problems with the overload of Ethereum (ETH) seems to never end and this fact is alarming to many users. The culprit were unknown markers on the basis of the ERC-20, appearing out of nowhere that seems very strange.

This morning in Ethereum was recorded unusual download related to token WPKG.

Moreover, the transmission speed of the token WPKG increases, with growing use of gas has come down to 17.34%. Traditionally, even the most active tokens is not more than 3% of the gas.

Observation Etherscan all conducting online transactions showed that the tokens WPKG simply move, taking over the entire transactional record.

Last weekend was marked by a similar situation at the level of the attack network when strange transactions took more than 40% of the gas.

The Ethereum network under daily attacks?

Movement unknown scriptactive, which is sent to 1500 WPKG to different addresses, absorb more than 14% of the gas Ethereum. At the moment this level of loading is not enough to affect the value fees in the network and make transactions more expensive. Yesterday the network was observed similar load transfer token Blue Whale.

What’s odd is that the token WPKG, it seems, did not appear in airdrop and nothing is known about him in Cryptoprotected. The behavior of the token is reminiscent of earlier events, which can now be seen as an attack, sending a token iFishYuNyu. This is another unknown asset without any project behind it, nor any of the data.

Acne Buterin estimated that the cost of network attacks “Ethereum” total for the day amounted to about $15 million.


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