The Ethereum network is overloaded, what is the reason?


Recently in Ethereum, there have been numerous transactions with the same account, which leads to the assumption of a certain goal, which is trying to achieve their initiator.

Since yesterday began a strange series of transactions in Ethereum that is very similar to the spam attack. All transactions were associated with the same address that gives the basic number of transactions in Ethereum.

Strange situation

The first transaction started with the transmission of 0.02 air. For the next fifteen minutes was made 600 transactions at the same address.

This situation is already past 30 hours. During this period at this address had more than 48,000 transactions. Most of them involved the transmission of 0.02 air with a transaction fee of approximately 0.004 ether. This suggests that this attack is quite expensive for those who organized it. The total amount of transaction fees to date exceeded 160 Esters (about $61 000).

Some users in the comments on Etherscan indicate that these transactions are coordinated spam attack on the network.

Again, blame EOS?

They have even put forward another theory about the involvement of the representatives of the project EOS to carry out the attacks, citing the fact that the project plans to conduct stress tests in the EOS system, hoping to set a new record for the number of transactions per second, which will be particularly noticeable on the background of another overloaded Ethereum.

Previously, the project EOS is already accused in the attack on the Ethereum network in July, although no one has provided any evidence. Dan Larimer from then has denied the charges, saying that EOS makes no sense to spend money on attack Ethereum, since we have games like CryptoKitties to slow down the network.

There may be many other reasons

Others think it is quite plausible that the traffic impacts any of the games created on the Ethereum blockchain, in this case, like the sensational lottery game called Fomo3D in which players participate in the lottery jackpot.

Although there is still no clear answers to what is happening in Ethereum right now, there is the depressing possibility that Ethereum, who previously succeeded due to the use of its blockchain as the underlying platform to create virtual games, now, forced to watch regular network congestion because of the games, some of which is essentially a Ponzi scheme.

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