The famous Swiss watch company Franck Muller produces watches with Bitcoins


Franck Muller, a Swiss watch firm, known as a “Master of complexity” and unique designs such as the Cintree Curvex, produces the world’s first functional clock with Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency watches were created together with Regal Assets, a leading company for alternative investments.

Encrypto created with the Bitcoin symbol in the center, is elegantly designed, with a picture of the QR code of the address Satoshi in Genesis Blockaddress. Customers can customize the dial, and adjust the watch strap yourself. Some models even have diamonds and precious metals for decoration of the dial and frame.

The regional Director of the company Erol of Balian said:

“We always try to influence the client on a subconscious emotional level, creating an invisible connection with our accessories. We are a brand with a solid reputation, which, meanwhile, does not hesitate to innovate. Bitcoin is the gold of the new Millennium and the perfect Union between innovative technology and personal preferences”.

Watch cold storage

Each watch is supplied in the form of a set of “Deep Cold Storage”, consisting of two parts, with their own unique public address engraved on the dial, and the private key. Users can add Bitcoins to wallet, or to check the balance directly using the dial. QR-code and a system of cold storage clock was developed in cooperation with renowned cryptoanalytical Fima Regal Assets with offices in USA, UK, Canada and UAE.

In 2017 Regal Assets hit the headlines, becoming the first company to receive a state license for manufacturing and storage of crypto-currencies in cold storage.

Wallet in cold storage hours used offline the generated non-deterministic TRNG that can’t be hacked. Instead of relying on sheets of paper, users can scan a QR code on your watch to check the balance and Deposit BTC to your personal wallet or cold in fully insured vault if they buy BTC at Regal Assets.

Currently, these watches are available online and at the store, Dubai Mall. The payment can be made by Bank transfer, credit card or Bitcoin.

Encrypto is a series of watches with limited edition, a maximum of 500 units of each model that are available online. At the moment, the company is also exploring the possibility of using Ethereum and five other leading coins including Ripple, for future models.

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