The FBI joined the investigation QuadrigaCX


The news of the connection to the FBI investigation came after reports that details about the whereabouts of the missing $190 million belonging to clients of the exchange QuadrigaCX, remain unclear.

Meanwhile, QuadrigaCX has obtained an extension of the trial, while the auditor continues to investigate the state of the finances of the company.

Fortune reports that both the FBI and Royal canadian mounted police (RCMP) are trying to unravel the mystery of the missing funds, stock exchanges, and law enforcement officials have already contacted the crypto currency exchange Kraken in the investigation of the case QuadrigaCX. None of the agencies does not give official comment on the existence of any investigation.

The deeper the investigation, the more confusing the situation

The involvement of such structures in the investigation of this case may reveal some of the mysteries related to this issue, including the truth about the death of Gerald cotton, the founder of QuadrigaCX, the fate of missing funds, and accusations of money laundering. Many of those who say that this story is more than it seems at first glance, point to the striking inconsistencies that have arisen along the way.

For example, Cotten made a will in less than two weeks before death. This fact and the discovery order in the amount of $500,000 per BTC after the alleged death of cotton, has led some to suggest that death may be a hoax or part of a complex Scam.

A recent independent investigation by James Edwards, also identified numerous transactions that indicate the transfer of at least three other crypto currency exchange. In its third report, court-appointed auditor found wallets owned by QuadrigaCX in other cryptomeria what is claimed and Edwards a few weeks ago.

The exchange and its leadership under the scrutiny of the victims

Jennifer Robertson, the widow of cotton, complained of intense public control over its identity in connection with this case and asked the court to appoint a Manager for restructuring (CRO) to oversee the activities of the company. Robertson, who now runs the company with his stepfather, Tom Beasley, previously told the court that they have no experience of managing exchange.

She also filed a claim for reimbursement of money spent on legal fees when making a query about the protection of investors than has outraged many victims who considered such actions are unethical, taking into account the amounts by the company to the customers.

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