The first football club purchased with cryptocurrency


Italian football club “Rimini”, which plays in Serie C, had the opportunity to make history, becoming the first in the history of the world club, purchased for the cryptocurrency. The club acquired company Quantocoin paid their tokens.

According to representatives of Quantocoin, this is only the first step of a series of acquisitions that the company plans to implement in this sector. The use of cryptocurrency in the field of sports will help to eradicate corruption and scandals which have become widely known in recent times. Recently the press reported a scandal involving the accusation of Qatar to the illegal purchase of votes to determine the host country of world Cup 2022.

Based on the block of the network payment system Quantocoin monitors and records each passing through the nodes of the blockchain payment. Thus, all money in circulation, are easily traced, which makes unacceptable bribes or bribery.

Quantocoin for achieving absolute transparency in football

Co-founder Quantocoin Pablo Dana says:

“We implemented those ideas that UEFA is seeking to implement. Is to achieve total transparency in football, where the level of corruption can be reduced through the use of the platform Quantocoin. This is the beginning of an incredible period of history, if the club, which costs millions of euros, can be bought with cryptocurrency. I think that soon many sport companies will become more often to use cryptocurrencies, but we remember as the first in history.”

It should be noted that football, particularly in Europe, are increasingly starting to use cryptocurrencies. Official statements from UEFA has not yet been reported, but the use of innovative technologies such as Quantocoin offers, fully complies with the latest initiatives to combat corruption, match-fixing, fraud and money laundering.

Under the new rules of UEFA since the beginning of the next season every European club is obliged to provide full information on payments to players and commissions to agents.

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