The former head of Bitmain launches a new crypto-platform Matrix


Jihan Wu, co-founder and former CEO of Bitmain, in the beginning of next month intend to launch a new blockchain-based platform for OTC trading, reports the Block, citing its own sources.

According to the preliminary information, it is expected that Matrix will be the world’s largest off-exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies and additionally will provide services for the storage and lending of assets.

It is reported that at this stage, Wu and his team are in talks with potential customers from different parts of the world, but the main client Matrix Bitmain, the largest mining giant in the mining of Bitcoins.

Great chances for leadership

It is assumed that the Matrix provides a storage and lending in the first place Bitmain, and instead of mining giant will get a great pool of liquidity for the OTC suggestions. If this is real, the Matrix will be able to offer a lower crypto-prices due to the high level of liquidity and will get a huge benefit from its competitive advantages.

It is not clear whether Matrix to work in China because of the rigid policy of the government in respect of cryptocurrency, but the fact that its leader, Jihan Wu did not cut off ties with Bitmain, and plans to work closely, says that the new platform has the potential to become the new centre of attraction for the whole crypto community in the region.

If the OTC platform Matrix will become so large, according to a source, she can take on a significant part of the available supply of Bitcoins, occupying a leading position among the Asian platforms.

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