The hacker announced the upcoming attack 51% on the network Einsteinium


An unknown hacker under the nickname piracy1 published in the Hacker News message that they intend to launch attack 51% in the project cryptocurrency Einsteinium, October 13 at 4:00 EDT.

Einsteinium is a token-based proof of Proof-of-Work, which was created at the peak of popularity of Bitcoin based on Bitcoin source code. In addition, Einsteinium uses the same script, which is built on the algorithms used by Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Crypto51, a web site that shows the theoretical costs associated with launching the attack, 51% on certain networks, notes that the attack against Einsteinium cost about $24. In addition, based on the source code of Bitcoin, it is much easier to carry out the attack 51%.

Attack or extortion?

According to the report, the same piracy1, they have two main reasons for the attack. First, to demonstrate how easily this can be done against someone. Secondly, “to teach people how to protect themselves from these attacks.”

This announcement was met with a very mixed reaction in the community and many have compared this attack to a small block chain so, like taking the baby a Lollipop.

Says wrote, the attack will be broadcast live on Twitеr and asked for compensation, not to attack the network. If the amount seems to them sufficient, they can switch to Vertcoin network, the cost of the attack which has cost about $382.

However, it is unclear whether this is the usual attempt to deceive people and lure them money, or there is a real threat. While it remains to be seen how it will be realistic.

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