The hacker managed to steal the money from the purse Monero


It seems that, taking advantage of a security vulnerability popular cryptocurrency Monero, hackers were able to steal the coins of users directly with hot wallets cripture, as reported by TheNextWeb.

Using discovered a bug, resourceful hacker managed to successfully falsify data transactions and presenting them to deceive staff exchanges to convince them in manual mode to be transferred to his account an amount much greater than the original.

Skillful manipulation allowed the hacker to assign XMR

Simple copying of the line open source Monero wallet, which is available for all, and anyone could see it, a clever attacker could manipulate the amounts displayed by the wallet during the transaction between the various locations.

Add lines of open-source code allow you to increase the displayed amount of XMR, and then have a reason to convince the operators of the exchange necessary to complete in-doubt transactions, and amount requested for withdrawal, largely exceeded the actual size of your initial Deposit.

In addition, the bug affects all cryptocurrencies created on the Monero codebase. We have already proved that in this way the hacker managed to bring the tokens ARQ, with wallet crypto currency exchange Altex.

The prompt resolution of problems

Now the problem with the vulnerability is resolved and, at this period, the most anonymous cryptocurrency Monero is not in danger. However, cryptosuite appeared worry about the fact that this is the sixth vulnerability discovered in the network Monero for the last day, after the start of the program HackerOne to find bugs.

The number of previously discovered bugs open vector for carrying out DoS attacks that threaten the Monero blockchain congestion, and vulnerability of the GBR that could incapacitate when using the script. To date, all these vulnerabilities are fixed, but how many of them can still be found in the framework of a programme to identify bugs?

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