The head of the Ripple answered questions about the fate of the lost XRP and future prospects


In the online edition of Quartz was published a short interview with CEO brad Ripple Harlinghausen, which owns 6.3 percent of the company and a nine-digit number of digital asset XRP.

In an interview about a sharp rise in the value of XRP in recent weeks, he said short-term speculative movement in the stock market is always considered a very dangerous game, and the value of each digital asset in the long term depends on the usefulness of its application. To rely solely on speculative tendencies should, as they never last long.

XRP have a extremely effective base use it for payments, particularly important in the context of implementation for institutional liquidity, a good example of this is the xRapid. In addition, the company Coil reported on the use of XRP for micropayments, as well as Omni announced plans to use their network for payments.

Liquidity and problems with the holdings

Commenting on the recent rumors about the lack of liquidity in the system xRapid, Arlinghaus noted that liquidity begets liquidity, and cryptanalytic XRP in this respect, there are good prospects that say about the real usefulness of the asset.

Also answering the questions what happens to the tokens if the owner of a large amount dies, and the keys are lost, whether those funds frozen, or the heirs have a chance to unlock, he said that it all depends on the details of the situation, and preservation of keys, confirming that indeed there are several holders of large holdings in XRP.

However, if you experience a similar situation with the loss of keys the company Ripple will not be able to do anything, because technically is not able to control the XRP registry. In case of lost tokens of their total number decreases. A similar situation occurs in the Bitcoin network.

Answering questions of journalists, he said he really can tell the numbers how many employees the percentage of get paid in XRP, as it is in the sphere of subordination of financial services, but, in his opinion, the number is 10-25%.

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