The launch of the EOS is delayed


EOS, which promised to create a large-scale competition is Ethereum, was to launch its block-chain today.

But instead mired in controversy, and manufacturers of the blocks are still debating how to run it, pledging every 12 hours to conduct the negotiation meeting.

What is EOS?

Niche EOS seeks to fill is the scale of decentralized applications on a commercial scale. The platform is managed by, registered in the Cayman Islands. In the white paper, EOS States that it can handle millions of transactions per second without the payment of users using the model of delegated proof of stake.

In accordance with this algorithm, the token holders will choose manufacturers of power using a system of continuous voting. One of the advantages of this system is that even if the system appears the plugs, they are unlikely to be accepted because decisions about any changes to accept elected representatives who vote for them.

Long ICO

Noteworthy is the fact that EOS was under the ICO more than a year, which is a unique case in cryptosuite. Selling tokens were deliberately stretched and divided into stages. The company has raised a lot of money, but still can not run your project.

After a long investment period, EOS was supposed to finally launch its blockchain this week. Team EOS noted that among other things users can expect:

  • 1000 transactions per second at the initial stage;
  • the ability to simultaneously run multiple blockchains and tokens, switching between them in seconds;
  • a new social network;
  • connecting venture capital firms.

Problems with the readiness of the launch of the EOS

More than 50 candidates applied for the extraction of blocks, and it is not individual users on their computers, and organizations whose activity is devoted entirely to this purpose.

At this stage the two nodes coordinate all operations:

  • EOS New York;
  • EOS Canada.

The first declared “No Go” and said that the nodes will “re-convened every 12 hours until the launch.”

Community EOS believes that the news is positive”, but the nodes have much to do, first and foremost, is to develop a voting system.

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