The Liqui crypto currency exchange will carry out delisting 15 tokens


Cryptocurrency exchange has announced that from 28 September 2018 to the site will delestrogen 15 tokens.

On this date at 12:00 UCT from the list will exclude the following assets: CFI, TAAS, MCO, MGO, EDG, TIME, WAVES, BAT, TKN, MYST, MLN, ICN, REQ.

Customers will have the opportunity until 28 September to 12:00 UCT, close any transactions and to withdraw its remaining funds in these assets from stock exchanges.

As noted in, pursuing a delisting, they took a number of steps to minimum harm to users:

  • published notice 7 days before the date of the market.
  • let the owners of the damaged assets 15 days after service;
  • organized sending reminders to users in several types about the approach of the deadline for service delisciously tokens.

More time to force majeure

In rare cases, when access to the wallet for any reason is interrupted, the representatives of the Liqui stated that can extend the period of withdrawal, and asking to contact owners of troubled assets with them via e-mail. As soon as the deadline for withdrawal (October 13, 2018, 12:00 UCT), the money withdrawal is disabled, and the assets fully depreciated.

From this moment Liqui will not be able to provide services for the removal of remote assets, so warn that it is essential that customers have time to remove gelistirmeye tokens until the specified date.

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