The most bizarre predictions on the platform Augur


In a decentralized P2P Protocol market forecasts Augur contains some of the most strange predictions on the platform.

As you know, Augur is a decentralized P2P Protocol, which is a free platform to create any predictions. According to the web site, predictions range from serious topics such as political and corporate forecasting, to random questions such as definition of events and weather forecasting.

In fact, most forecasts created on the platform, covered sporting events, or the price of cryptocurrencies, although there are some “darker” topics, such as the probability of the murder of public figures or terrorist attacks and mass shootings.

The most interesting predictions

However, there are a few “predictions” that are quite strange and nothing but laughter is not called. Here are some of the most bizarre predictions, created Augur, according to Coindesk:

  • Vitalik Buterin appears friend by the end of 2018. Moreover, the winning condition is the confirmation by Baleriny the presence of a relationship and the couple should be together for at least 1 day. Time the bet expires after 4 months, but so far, it seems no one is willing to bet on it.
  • Does God exist? Since even the moderators decentralized platform can not control the projections, users can create any topic, including the classical question about the existence of the Creator of the universe.
  • Will there be a film, compromising of Donald trump before the end of his first term? This prediction is based on rumours that Russian authorities have a record against US President related to elections in 2016.
  • Will the price of Bitcoin exceed $1 million by the end of 2020? It seems that the Creator of this topic was influenced by the statement of John McAfee on the price of Bitcoin. However, with a 40% “Yes”, it seemed that the user has staunch followers in this prediction.
  • Whether John McAfee the promise to eat his genitals? As the previous prediction this applies to the odious figure of John McAfee, who in his statement that the Bitcoin price will reach $1 million, made a “promise” to eat his genitals if his prediction won’t come true. It should be noted that the words of a man, constantly making the most contradictory statements, many do not bring too much confidence, however, some apparently for fun, I decided to make a bet. At the moment the bet on this forecast is $108,48.

The Augur project was recognized as one of the most successful in terms of ICO, collecting more than $5 million during the first stage of sale of tokens, in 2015. After a 2 year beta it caused a real boom in cryptosuite. However, now the enthusiasm of the people left and since then there has been a sharp decline in the number of daily users on the platform.

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