The national Bank of Ukraine said about the technical readiness to issue digital hryvnia


About readiness of the National Bank of Ukraine to the national virtual hryvnia, created based on blockchain technology, at least technically, was declared by the head of Department on financial sector reforms at the national Bank Eugene Stepanyan. This statement was voiced during a round table organized by the regulator of the country. However, representatives of the national Bank at this stage does not see the feasibility in implementing a national cryptocurrency, so the launch of the project remains in question.

As the message Stepaniuc, now plans to develop a pilot project to test the technical capabilities of the block of the network and the reality of the issue of national e-money in Ukraine.

Speaking about the high level of readiness on the technical side, Stepanyuk notes of the National Bank doubts the wisdom of starting the project, although the test pilot they agree. But the question of implementation is going to further investigate.

Known research project to study the possible implementation of e-rate was launched by the national Bank in 2016. It was planned that it would allow almost instantaneous money transfers and significantly reduce fees.

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