The network of cryptocurrency ATM in the world is actively growing


The market demand for the cryptocurrency ATMs is growing rapidly. The owners of cryptocurrencies you need to anywhere in the world, it was no problem to buy bitcoin or exchange it for cash, and therefore competition between providers cryptonomicon for the conquest of his consumer space remains high.

According to statistics, the number of Bitcoin ATMs in the current year has increased four times, compared to 2017, and continues to grow. The first cryptocurrency ATM was installed in 2013 in a café in Vancouver, and, according to the newspaper Coinatmradar, currently in the world there are 3502 Bitcoin ATM.

More than half of the existing ATM with cryptocurrency support at least one altcon and Bitcoins. 49% offer deals with Litecoin and 32% with Ethereum. The average fee per transaction is about 8%.

Manufacturers of ATMs expand your business by opening up new channels for cryptocurrency investors and increasing capital inflows to the ecosystem.

Cryptosecurity conquer the world

New cryptocurrency ATMs installed worldwide at a rate of almost 9 units per day and, presumably, by the end of 2018, will involve nearly 5,000 such ATMs.

Each producer occupies a niche in this sector, is regularly trying to expand it. Today among the most successful manufacturers are the following:

  • Genesis Coin has a share of 33% of the market;
  • Bytes General — 26%;
  • General Bytes announces the sale of 1700 ATMs in 53 countries, starting in 2014;
  • EasyBit, founded in 2013, has 60 active ATMs.

Reset the ATM with cryptocurrency is increasing as not all cryptopolitico prefer to hire the services of banking and financial institutions.

Many people appreciate cryptosecurity for the opportunity to get a quick access scriptactive, because they are constantly in motion.

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