The number of requests from law enforcement agencies on Kraken in 2018 exceeded 300%


The US is currently not the most ideal place to conduct business of the cryptocurrency, which is confirmed by the crypto currency exchange Kraken, which received this year requests from law enforcement agencies 300% more than the previous.

One of the leading kryptomere Kraken presented a report on the transparency of doing business for 2018, prepared by the team on issues of compliance. On the stock exchange in 2018 received 475 requests from different law enforcement agencies.

The exchange has provided an infographic reflecting the total number of law enforcement requests received over the years.

According to the report, the number of requests received in 2018, almost 300% more than in 2017 (160).

United States – the leader on number of requests

With the number 315 requests the leader of the United States. Second place goes to the UK with 61запросами, followed by Germany – 34 France – 20.

The infographic clearly another rather disturbing fact. USA only a total of 11 authorities are making all efforts to impose its legislation on the cryptocurrency market.

This increases pressure not only on the cryptocurrency exchanges, but also to users, as the increase in the cost of doing business of the cryptocurrency will eventually bring results.

Attention FBI

The FBI is among the authorities who head the chart Kraken the number of requests received.

It seems that the Bureau is actively tightens control over the industry. In June Bloomberg reported that the FBI open investigations, 130 associated with cryptocurrency.

However, FBI special agent Kyle Armstrong said that their number is relatively small in comparison with other areas:

“The Bureau thousands of cases and, therefore, at the moment, it’s a very small amount”.

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