The OKEx crypto currency exchange has suspended trading in the tokens VIU


The crypto currency exchange OKEx today announced the immediate halt of all trading operations with a pair of VIU/USDT and the necessity of withdrawal of users in connection with the failure of the project team to undertake the necessary re-registration of tokens after the update of the system.

The exchange noted that it will be forced to cancel all orders and return the assets in the account. All owners VIU strongly encouraged to bring their tokens to those wallets that support this alithinou.

Trade on the exchange OKEx tokens VIU is only paired with USDT, because the other couples with Bitcoin and Ethereum was deliciously when cleaning exchange trading illiquid pairs.

The project Viuly and tokens VIU

Tokens VIU was released in December last year, the project Viuly, which creates a decentralized platform for distributing video content and distributed among the 900 thousand Ethereum wallets.

Recently, developers have discovered that most of the purses, which were sent them tokens, not the slightest activity. It was therefore decided to upgrade to a smart contract to bring dead tokens from circulation. All users had to transfer tokens from your old to your new address until November 1, and the untranslated token was revoked.

Moreover, at crypto currency exchange IDEX, the team held a delisting VIU translated to new addresses 1 Nov why the developers refused to perform this operation on OKEx, is still unknown.

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