The organization Wikileaks asked for donations in Bitcoins and zcash for after the arrest of the founder


Freedom-loving world were shocked by the news about the arrest of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, whom the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom gave British authorities, after a seven-year stay under his protection, which was provided by the government of Ecuador.

In the initial reports said that Assange had violated some international agreement and allowed careless, aggressive and hostile statements by his organization against Ecuador, STO has led the government to the decision to deny Assange asylum.

Ecuador’s President said: “Ecuador has decided to stop providing diplomatic asylum to Mr. Assange. For six years and 10 months Ecuadorians protect the rights of Mr. Assange and provided for their daily needs on the territory of our Embassy in London.”

In a sovereign decision of Ecuador withdrew the asylum status to Julian Assange after his repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols. #EcuadorSoberano

— Lenín Moreno (@Lenin) April 11, 2019

He added that Ecuador has complied with its obligations under international law, Assange has not adhered to the rules of the deal. He was repeatedly asked not to interfere in the internal Affairs of other States, and he violated those rules.

Wikileaks asks for financial support

However, Wikileaks has provided other information about the situation. In his blog, the 150 participants from 38 countries in 5 continents strongly condemned the arrest of Assange and the intention of the Ecuadorian government to stop granting asylum to Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks.

Telling the world the TRUTH about war crimes, human rights abuses, corruption, election fraud and abuses of power IS NOT A CRIME.

Please donate to @Wikileaks now so that the legal team of Julian Assange has funding to fight back.#FreeAssange #FreeJulian

— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) April 11, 2019

Company Wikileaks has also opened its channels for donations, saying, you can make donations via MasterCard, wire transfers, and also using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and zcash for.

The address of your Bitcoin wallet was specified as 39o6E2qascmB5rNwFtJU6ug5PXZx5K2Ed3 Wikileaks, and the addresses of wallets for zcash for was t1WLeAK9npDSRg7SAM5DMJSeYk45aCvpcdx and zccZa7MrxtwYY7zZ1vEph1eRDagDcN3te67khyadujvqbnba4dtsmklh6khxou4flgcxz7gdfeurcsejxoaafgsmt1l1tvz.

Although the message is confusing, users themselves have to draw conclusions to come to a decision about support.

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