The police of Yekaterinburg is being investigated websites, advertising cryptologie


Law enforcement officials are studying the activities of the suspicious online communities actively encourage to invest in cryptocurrency.

After contacting several of the residents of Yekaterinburg with complaints that using social networks, actively advertising certain Internet portals that offer to invest in digital currency, law enforcement agencies began to study the activities of suspicious sites.

The interior Ministry refused at the moment to comment on the investigation, citing the secrecy of the investigation, however, at the request of the head of the Department of internal Affairs leading the investigation in the field of fraudulent activities committed by criminal groups, Natalia Kudryavtseva, check into the allegations is conducted. Data on the closure of these web-based resources, and about the criminal prosecution of their leaders yet.

Previously, the largest Internet giants, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yandex have been introduced bans on the advertising of the ICO projects, offering and selling their tokens. As motivation for such actions was the need to protect users from investing in fraudulent projects.

Perhaps the advertising ban was influenced by pressure from the FBI to Facebook and Google search network, that representatives of the Bureau were accused of condoning fraud and it is strongly demanded ban on the advertising of any cryptoprocta.

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