The project Shinil Group sank along with $8 million in cash and stocks


Those who remember history for ICO-project Shinil Gold Coin, expressed support for his token Russian gold from a sunken ship, the situation initially looked very doubtful. Today, the authorities of Korea have published some of the official results of its investigation, noting that at least 2600 of investors lost a total of about $8 million as a result of this fraud.

While primary supply of coins team Gold Coin Shinil said that their token backed by the gold found in sunken Russian ship “Dmitry Donskoy”, which was nothing more than a large fraudulent investment plot.

Determined not a complete list of victims

According to the newspaper “Korea Herald”, the special unit for cybercrime investigation with the Metropolitan police Department of Seoul found at least 2600 investors who put their money in this fraudulent ICO. The police said that this list does not include those who paid fraudsters in cash directly, so their estimate of losses of $8 million may increase in the near future, in process of receipt of statements from the victims.

Japanese police in cooperation with Interpol and in cooperation with the Vietnamese authorities came together to find runaway Ryu with the Seong-Edina, General Director Shinil Group.

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Label: “Dmitry Donskoy” Shinil Gold Coin


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