The PwC survey showed the main problems in the adoption of blockchain technology


Recently conducted a survey from PwC found that the biggest obstacle to the successful implementation of the technology of the blockchain is a lack of trust and regulatory uncertainty.

In the new study: “the Blockchain here. What’s your next move?”, were surveyed more than 600 managers from 15 countries on the development of block network, and the potential of the technology of the blockchain.

The findings of the study

Key findings from the report are presented next.

Of the 84% of respondents stated that develop initiatives for the use of block-based networks, the situation is this:

  1. the development is at the stage of implementation of the pilot project – 10%;
  2. fully in working condition – 15%;
  3. projects currently being developed in their organizations – 32%;
  4. the rest are under study.

14% not interested at all bloccano, and 7% stopped their development in this direction. These respondents as the reason for the lack of interest indicated a lack of progress (31%), the uncertainty at the initial stage (24%) and complexity management (14%).

15% of respondents that use the blockchain app, 88% were either leaders or active members of the blockchain consortia.

Respondents believe that the US (29%), China (18%) and Australia (7%) are leaders in the development of blockchain projects. However, according to many, China within three to five years will overtake the US in this area.

The main reasons

45% believe that the active adoption of technology is hampered by the low degree of confidence in innovative technologies, while 48% noted that the reason lies in the uncertainty of the regulation.

“The blockchain by definition, should create trust. But in fact, companies face a credibility challenge at almost every step. The inability to formulate a clear business arrangement from the start and stopping of projects. Enterprises need to make greater efforts to develop clear rules to solve the problems of trust and control,” said Steve Davis, head of the Blockchain Department in PwC.

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