The Raven Coin tokens become a trend this week, an increase of 283%


This week a discussion regarding the most successful alithinou greatest impact on token Coin Raven (RVN). After listing on Binance, it seems that the project has received great support, with a substantial increase in trading volume, popularity, and price.

Tokens RVN rose by more than 282% over the last seven days and only within the last 24 hours RVN increased by 53%.

Listing Binance clearly contributed to the growth of the popularity of the project because the trading volume before tokens RVN was only $ 200,000 a day before the announcement of the support on the exchange. Today trade Raven Coin for a total of $71.7 million, which shows an incredible increase over the last 10 days.

Dump artificial or natural development?

In the beginning, many skeptics believed that such a large increase in the Raven Coin sales for the week due to the tendency of the dump and FOMO. Fortunately for the project, the uptrend was not short and its trade volumes reaching new heights, all the while demonstrating new highs. Currently the cost is $0,052.

Tokens of the RVN project is now occupied 59 position on Coinmarketcap with a total market capitalization of 109 million

Can be active jump RVN will be a catalyst for another bull market of the cryptocurrency market, and we can see similar growth in other scriptaction? One can only hope and wait for further developments.

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