The recovery of the stock market has not affected Bitcoin Cash worst


The market of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and altcoins, gradually begins recovery and Cash only Bitcoin falls in the top 20 worst scriptaction.

After a little stress that had to go through the stock market in recent days, it begins a gradual recovery, in which all assets rose in price by an average of 4.3%.

This trend not only affected Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which continues its decline. The effects of turbulence caused by the controversial hard fork that happened in the network BCH on Thursday, November 15, and it seems that the conflict and confrontation only intensified.

The largest capitalization of Bitcoin has fallen off sharply, in just a few hours before hardforum in the network BCH, dropping to separate cryptomeria to $5146 according to the price tracker CoinMarketCap.

Some analysts said that a full market correction may take several weeks, maybe months. But now there is a gradual recovery.

Bitcoin Cash in the outsiders

On the contrary, the cryptocurrency BCH are unable to benefit from market madness, falling nearly 8% today.

For one of the previous leaders of the market of altcoins, cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), the Outlook remains weak, as the surge in prices recently observed in Ripple (XRP), made her lose its status as the largest Aldona by market capitalization this week.

Despite a 1.5% increase in the price of ETH to $178 today, XRP still confidently holds the second position in terms of market capitalization.

The leaders are Stellar (XMR), which grew by approximately 7.2%. Total market capitalization is about $184 billion, in comparison with its minimal volume of about $176 billion.

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