The scammer has successfully used the vulnerability on the platform Augur


Platform rates Augur discovered the crooks who, taking advantage of the vulnerability of steel to make predictions on events that knowingly creating a void bet.

As you know, launched in July of 2018 a non-profit platform forecasts Augur, built on the blockchain Ethereum (ETH), enables users to bet on a prediction of the outcome of any event.

Detected fraud for an unknown user or group of users running the prediction, which contains subtle contradictions or inconsistencies in the formulation, which further allows you to declare it invalid. In this case all invested money is distributed evenly among the players.

The fraudster deliberately creates bets that have no chance of winning and, in the case of recognition of them invalid, it ensures payments for reallocation of invested funds.

The vulnerability cannot be corrected before starting Augur v.2

In a series of communications Director-General Augur Joey Krug recognized that the vulnerability rates of their platform was used by the attacker, however, has convinced users that all the wrong bets was created solely by one person with one address and not a group of people, as claimed by some participants in the discussion on Redditor.

He also explained that his team is aware of this problem and they have found a way to prevent further exploitation of the vulnerability.

This will be fixed in v2 of augur.

3) Invalid will be a separately tradable in v2. So markets where this is happening can be easily filtered out, and people trying to do the attack described in the OP would auto trigger the filter by virtue of their trading invalid.

— Joey Krug (@joeykrug) March 20, 2019

Krug promised to fix the vulnerability in the next update v Augur.2, however, run it, unfortunately, is not planned in the near future. The Augur team has created a “workaround” to this problem, introducing the basic messages of the user interface that will warn users if they place their bets on potentially fraudulent forecast.

Before starting Augur v.2 team platform encourages users to remain vigilant, paying attention to the details of bets, including descriptions and dates.

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