The Telegram messenger has started private testing of its block network


Draft Telegram has launched a beta version of Telegram Open Network (TON), the testing which will be attended by a limited number of teams from all over the world, including Russian representatives, reported the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Talk about the development of the Telegram Open Network (TON), carried out in 2018, when its ICO set a record, reaching $1.7 billion Since then, the progress of development of the network proceeded slowly, and the community expecting a new message, on the basis of what the blockchain cryptocurrency TON will be created.

According to the developers, the Ethereum blockchain was too slow, was also considered NEO or Tron, to create a cryptocurrency Gram, which has strong development potential and all chances to become one of the most valuable altcoins, if it would support a market capitalization of ICO. Interest in the project, is that the token seems to be able to take a leading position in the top-10 or top-5 of cryptocurrency, if this development will give the expected results.

Run the test network is encouraging

In February of this year it was also reported that the blockchain TON was 90% complete, and the test network will be launched in March, in accordance with the agreement to purchase tokens, but then no tests have been carried out. The test network is still not available to anyone, however, according to Russian sources, the private beta is open. And, suddenly, Telegram gave access to testing and Russian programmers, despite the fact that the Russians have banned its use.

Reports on the launch of the test network are encouraging, and the team assures that the testing is complete it can take about 6 months.

Earlier this year, Telegram has tried to register your business in the UK, which was surprising, since previously there was mentioned the British virgin Islands, but it may have occurred because of changes in regulations. In addition, Telegram banned in Russia, after the company refused to cooperate with the FSB in providing access to user messages.

According to analysts, the cryptocurrency Gram has great potential, if ever it will be launched.

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