The third dump for three days reduced the stock market by 4%


After last week kaptarenko has stabilized a bit, the third dump occurred during the night dropped below their key support levels. Slight recovery, observed in the period of writing, not yet save the situation.

The loss of more than 11% over the previous days and so impact adversely on the market, and the third dump drop another 4%, or nearly $5 billion overnight, within hours, to below $118 billion is not added optimism. Very slow recovery at the moment does not guarantee that in the near future is going to be yet another dump.

Bitcoin, as a rule, an indicator such unnatural movements of the market, have dropped to $3545$, and since only rose slightly above this level. Almost all of the profit from this year were destroyed, as Bitcoin hit a new low of 2019.

Altcoins falling

Of course, the rest of the cryptocurrency market have followed his example, and altcoins began to lose value even more. Some of them have lost more than 5% per day, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, SV, Cardano, Iota and Ethereum Classic.

Even hardwork Ethereum and the long-awaited update of the network Constantinople, to be held on Wednesday, was insufficient basis to stop his fall, which resulted in the XRP was again in second place. Tokens Ripple lost only 1.7% during the recent dump and the gap between competing digital currencies amounted to almost $1 billion.

Litecoin and Tron have also lost their position in ranking in market capitalization, and fell back to 8th and 9th places respectively. Taking the last week in seventh place, Tron just four days dropped 30% of the price to its current level of $0,023.

The market decline another 4% showed new lows 2019, which is dangerously close to the achieved last month.

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