The trading volume of Bitcoin has risen sharply in Venezuela, Colombia and Peru


The volume of trading Bitcoins is growing exponentially in South America, experiencing problems with high inflation, such as Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Peru.

These countries suffered from inflation and government policy that has caused among the masses of the rapid spread of panic and the abandonment of national currencies. Their inhabitants initially tried to seek salvation in US dollars, but since the creation of Bitcoin could appreciate his great appeal to preserve their savings.


Venezuela has demonstrated a significant increase in use of Bitcoins over the past year, compared with previous years. According to available data, has sharply increased and the volume of trades in BTC.

Weekly trading volume of Bitcoin in Venezuela in 2017 for the first week of January was 11 BTC, subsequently increased to a huge figure 190 BTC in the first week of January 2019. And in the last week of 2018 it reached the level 252 BTC.

Colombia and Peru

According to the data obtained from Coin Dance, not behind it and neighboring Colombia. The weekly amount of Bitcoins in that country increased more than twice in the past four months.

If the weekly volume in January 2017 135 BTC, by January 2019, it increased to 364 BTC. However, the maximum record level weekly trade BTC has been made in the last week of the year, when it was recorded in volume 759 BTC.

A similar situation is observed in neighbouring countries suffering from hyperinflation and devaluation of the national Fiat money.

Weekly volume on trade Bitcoins in Peru at the beginning of January 2017 was 17 BTC, since then it increased to a value of 190 BTC in the first week of January 2019.

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