The transition to the blockchain would solve the problem with Facebook data leaks


According to the leader of a startup NEO, Chen Jiao, the transition to the blockchain would allow Facebook to solve the problem with data privacy and track their every move.

As followed from his statement at the event, zeroing is completed in on Europe, held in the framework of the week of London Tech Week, each of the members Facebook knows where to get its data. Perhaps they fall into the hands of third parties, and perhaps someone else. In his speech he noted that at this stage, the social network absolutely does not pay enough attention to the agreement was the participants who provide their data. And the blockchain in this aspect there are good prospects.

Users want to maintain the confidentiality of your data

For example, perhaps some of the participants believe their data on daily Jogging or exercising are also valuable information that will have any value. And these people would like to have these data were used only with their consent. Therefore, the process of providing data should be totally transparent and secure.

In his speech, Chen Jiao noted the need to comply with rigid rules not only authenticate users, but also for the handling of their data. Compliance with these rules in order to avoid different fraudulent investment schemes, and hacker attacks break-ins.

For example, in NEO to fight against fraud schemes use a digital identification, which is due to the attachment of a digital signature of the user’s assets. This ensures that users have reliable information about the movement of tokens in the network.

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