The US and Britain led the Alliance against cryptopressstream


The US tax authorities and the UK signed an agreement to establish an international Alliance designed to combat transnational financial crimes, including the use of cryptocurrency.

J5 is going to deal with the cryptocurrency financial crimes

Created today, the United Alliance for global taxes (J5) is a partnership agreement, which included:

  1. Australian Commission on criminal investigations (ACIC) and the Australian tax office (ATO);
  2. The canadian revenue Agency (CRA);
  3. The fiscal investigation service (FIOD) in the Netherlands;
  4. Service revenue & customs UK (HMRC);
  5. Criminal investigation service of the U.S. internal revenue (IRS-CI).

According to the statement, the five countries members of the Alliance will work together to combat international financial crimes such as money laundering, by coordinating investigations and enforcement action. The main problem J5 sees in the growing spread of scriptaction, which easily crosses all national boundaries.

On the website marked J5:

“We will cooperate at the international level to reduce the growing threat to tax administration posed by scriptactive and cybercrime”.

The tax Agency is closely monitoring the cryptocurrency investors

Tax agencies around the world focus on cryptocurrencies lately, especially because I saw the huge profit gained early kriptosistema in the period of the rise of prices at the end of 2017. This is the profit that not everyone is ready to report to the tax authorities.

In the US, for example, the IRS has contracted with a software companies block networks to identify captainvalor that do not report their profits and not pay taxes on it. The Agency also demanded in court with the leaders of the crypto currency exchange Coinbase, to provide them with customer data.

Although cryptocurrencies are a very small part in the amount of global financial crimes, law enforcement agencies are concerned that terrorists and other criminals will increasingly use this new technology to Finance their criminal actions constituting a threat to governments.

This is not the first attempt by international forces to coordinate their actions to combat a perceived threat from scriptaction. According to the publication CCN, scriptactive occupied a Central place in the agenda of the April meeting of the G20, although the countries failed to come to an acceptable decision on the establishment of a common regulatory framework.

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